Choices & Consequences

Last week, a fellow LiFE Group member said that “ACT 2 : The Fall” was the juicy bit of Griffin’s Article “STORY”. ACT 1 was on Creation. We’re supposed to talk about what Christian’s have traditionally called “the Fall” tonight. I’ve long given up just seeing it as a historical past event alone. I realized that the effects of the “fall” and it’s replay is happening daily.

On a smaller scale, our “willful” refusal for God to define life’s meaning makes us set ourselves as “god” (who am I to think I have a best perspective?). On a bigger scale, this morning’s frontpage on the horror of the Canny Ong abduction and murder case takes rebellion against God and the effects of the fall to the extreme! Being a Christian is about letting God’s Story define me .. and shape me… and warn me!

Two quick reflections on Griffin’s section (his in bold) …

“Male and Female were created to be dependent and find their ultimate meaning in their creator. The choice to rebel set up a long and ferocious battle between God and his creation.”

I don’t think I’m “dependent” in a mindless way (e.g. praying for direction in a fortune-telling way – zap me God!). I believe God has given me some form of “independence” too (e.g. I can understand myself, my context, often a few options are available to choose from, and its not life-threatening though risk is involved!) But the “dependence” on finding “meaning” is something I’m appreciating more these days. Because I find there’s a battle in the marketplace of human minds and hearts to define “meaning” for us (e.g. the so called “American Dream” or “XYZ dream” usually marketed to us so someone elses “dream” can be fulfilled). A good dose of Ecclesiastes will purge one from such illusions … soaking in God’s Story does wonders!

“The “fall” story demonstrated to Israel that any transgression of God’s covenant stipulations would bring severe consequences. The storyteller shares that God takes freedom seriously. To play outside of the set of boundaries is to be bound.”<i> (emphasis mine)

That last line was a killer sentence! whack! Our choices indeed have consequences. And often we don’t even need God to judge us or even talking about God punishing us. The results of our resistance or rebellion is enough to take us DOWN (and others too)! It’s so sad … when intelligent human beings like us who are created in God’s image can do STUPID things that not only hurt us, and those around us but also God. I remember once Dr. Hwa Yung (my Christian Theology lecturer) highlighted that Sin is Irrational … how true! Repentance is simply .. recognizing our foolishness and returning back to His WISE ways … It’s quite simply actually. We complicated it with our own rationalizations (cf. often excusing our actions) or even religiousity (cf. making it harder than it should be).

Ironic isn’t it ? … those who want to be free to play as they like are actually bound, and those who appear bound are actually free to play with full enjoyment!

Our choices often miscalculated … the consequences often beyond our control … why fight against God when one can be ?FREE?

May the song play on … “It was for freedom, that Christ has set us free …” Lord, I choose you, because You first CHOSE me!

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