Strictly for Matrix Fans …


Just came back from an interesting lunch with a pastor who pastors a church nearby BLC, a Christian active in social work & action, his son who’s in Bible College, his auntie and uncle (two seniors) who are owners of the beautiful restraunt we ate in. We spent a fruitful time together especially for me … listening to the senior uncle talk about his opinions and views on matters. Wise man indeed.

Before I leave the thinking room, I thought I’d post this link I got from another blog. I find it amazing not by the explanations given but the amount of effort and energy devoted into such a project.

After the last blog on Study, I’m getting back to put effort and energy on what really matters for me as a human being – starting with the Bible, the Willard book then looking through some homework a couple of BLCians and my AYALI students passed up to me. I may leave the thinking room but thinking does not leave me … heheh!

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