Blogs that get me thinking

Here are some blogs not from Malaysians that’s giving me some “space” and “content” to (1) widen my horizons (2) deepen my own thoughts.

Harbinger: Social & Spiritual Investigations by a Post-Evangelical Christian
Steve’s recent “Emerging church project series and some email thoughts really drew me in.

Theoblogy: emerging church, missional life, practical theology, rants
I found Tony’s series on “Practical Theology” very helpful and timly for me.

xphiles: An electronic walk of discipleship in a postmodern world
cool cowboy hat and nice to see how a fellow Lutheran works things out!

Tony Sheng: mobilizing, students, mission
fellow Chinese passionate about seeing the next generation be on mission for the Kingdom.

the deep end w/ dave fleming: exploring what the muse whispers on life, leadership and spirituality
I have one of his books on leadership. Might check out his other one especially after reading his blog.

Porch Pondering: reflections on village life
Drawn to this because of the word “missional” more than the word “emerging” in his quest as far as church is concerned.

Odyssey: Soundings for Christians and other Sojourners on a Missional Journey
ah .. there you go the word “Missional” again … anyway, there’s so much good stuff here that I might need to take one day off just to process them.

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