My first Meme

Like him I don’t really know what Meme is (now I do after reading the link), but since I got tagged by Shermen Kuek new kid on the blog! .. I will respond …

1) Total Number Of Books You Own:

I’ve actually don’t know the exact number … (many people know I’m lousy with numbers!) I don’t think it’s a lot … but I’ll just let the pictures speak for themself! 🙂

IMG_3604_books_church.jpg IMG_3605_books_various.jpg IMG_3607_books_others.jpg IMG_3602_books_old.jpg


2) The Last Book You’ve Bought:
I think I bought at least 3 or 4 at one go … but since Mr.S.K and I have the same initials, I’ll put him up … 🙂


3) The Last Book You’ve Read:

I have this habit of often reading a few books at one go … but I think I can claim Brian’s latest book as one I finished reading.


4) Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me:
(And I’ll throw in one more that’s free online… partly because one of the authors became a friend and a mentor from a distance at a critical time of my journey)


proper_confidence_200.jpg life_together_200.jpg

pia desideria_200.jpgunbounded_love.gif

5) Tag Five People And Have Them Fill This Out On Their Blogs
(all locals and avid readers I think!):

Kia Meng
David Chong
Chris Rao
Ben Ong
Alwyn Lau

7 thoughts on “My first Meme

  1. John Cheah

    Wow…. with that many books, maybe I can drop by one day to borrow some??

  2. Very nice.

    I didn’t include all the pics in mine.

    I love the “mees-o-books” you have. Looks like my mess!

  3. ‘In the Name of Jesus’ meant a lot to me too!! 😀 haven’t read the rest in your list though…

    I’m moving into another of Henri Nouwen’s books, ‘The way of the heart’… with some lessons on prayer, silence and solitude from St. Anthony and the desert fathers…

  4. will have to honour the tag one day, 🙂

    am surprised you included Unbounded Love…i liked the book too, unfortunately it’s considered “banned reading” in some conservative quarters, sigh.

    btw, did u ever get a chance to dig into ‘Satan & Problem of Evil’? Boyd’s third should come out pretty soon.

  5. Sivin Kit

    Al ~ I’ll be interested to see what you put up. Robert Brow who co-authored Unbounded Love played a very important role to help me appreciate the limits and liberty in one’s growing understanding of God. And he did so not just via the book with Pinnock (as with all authors we don’t have to agree with all details *grin*) but more so in personal contact, prayer and mentoring. So, for me .. it’s never just a book … it’s more about the stories, the people and journeys, etc that are part and parcel of a “publication”. “Personal encounters” makes a whole lot of difference.

  6. Sivin,

    Have you been sneaking into my house taking pics of my living room brother?


  7. Sivin Kit

    Ant ~ great to have you come over. so, there are some universal traits when it comes to book-lovers huh? it doesn’t matter which side of the ocean we’re at … 🙂 Hey, why don’t I tag you as well … would love to know what your book room looks like and the books that mean a lot to you!

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