Random Links 54

Project Gutenberg
May Chin might say why buy books when you can read for FREE!

Ultima Thule Ambient Music Radio
Music here helps me in some way to “center” with a few surprises here and there … 🙂

The Free Dictionary
checked out the word “betroth” for fun …

The Religion-Relationship Farce
Now this makes me think twice before saying “it’s not about religion but just a relationship …”.

Asian Theology – an Oxymoron?
My good friend-pro-theologian-in-the-making Sherman has much to say on his mount! Looking forward for his contributions in numerous “conversations”!

VITA S. ANTONI [Life of St. Antony] (written bwtween 356 and 362) (via Andrew Jones)
I had a chance to share how this particular document sparked my interest or at least sowed the seeds for my present appreciation of the desert fathers and all things monastic!

2 thoughts on “Random Links 54

  1. Dana Ames

    Ah Sivin- Ultima Thule is awesome!

    And so are your posts and comments around the blogworld we seem to mutually inhabit. I am grateful to you and God.

    Dana Ames
    northern California

  2. Sivin Kit

    Thanks Dana for your kind words … I’m off to download another Ultima Thule Mp3. These are hazy days now in Malaysia, need some “space” to clear my mind and settle down.

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