ELCA Presiding Bishop’s Report 2005

[…click picture for video…]

Some words REALLY popped up for me, “Gospel”, “evanglizing”, “convergence”, “together”, “conversation”, “catalyst”, “Evangelical”, “Lutheran”, “Reforming”, “moral will”, “Inbreaking of God’s reign”, “prophetic”, “grassroot spiritual dimension”, “for the sake of the world”, “Holy Spirit at work”, “Being Church Together”, “Mission”, “Diverse ecclesial strands”, “interdependance”, “partnership”, “local needs & global contexts”, “shared commitment”, “see through the eyes of others”, “living changing, dynamic, organism”, “strategies”, “emerging”, “not easy”, “struggled”, “respect”, “challenges”, “church matters”, “making a difference in the world”, ….etc. Interesting to watch from a distant how the ELCA is moving forward 🙂

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