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I was supposed to blog about our time at the VIP seats with Patrizio Buanne (thanks to you-know-who for the tickets). But was a little more excited with Battlestar Galactica reimagined than Mr. Buanne. 🙂

ok … it was fun. It’s nice to have a date with May Chin without the kids. It’s strange but then both of us felt it was good time as a couple. So, we had a nice dinner before the showcase and then giggled through the performance. He’s quite a performer … and charmer … we had fun. Made me think about some stuff like the relationships between genuine feeling and singing, the image one wants to portray, the people who were there since it was a full ball room (I wonder how many were like us got free passes?).

We were quite happy after 5-6 songs, we could go home. Somehow missed the kids already … of course, we did expect it to go longer but then … nevermind. It was just a showcase.

Now, back to today! Strange things happen … and tonight is one of them. I’m still wondering whether some of “this” is heading. It’s a little sad to be “disconnected” with some people purely because I’m part of a different postcode.

So often decisions are just made, often in haste … perhaps rushing a particular deadline, often for some agenda more than the one “presented”, it’s hard to know. More questions and answers. Ah … the world of “politics” even in the sphere I move around is often unpredictable. One just wonders …

Back to the drawing board again, back to square one … I’m glad I’ve been hanging out with S.K. lately (I ‘mean Soren). Perhaps, he prepared me in some way.

Couldn’t “situate” today’s random thoughts. … so just put “just some random thoughts”-lah! 😛

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