Random Thoughts after Quite a ride


perhaps the lighting in this photo is better and more natural – with a different kind of look and posture (more Artsy?). I enjoy being surrounded by my own kids and on special import (trying to be more fatherly?).

Just came back from an interesting camp with Hope EFC church … in Seremban. It was a small intimate kind of camp … pretty intense with 2 speakers (the other one was I’Ching from RZIM) and I did 4 sessions on the book of Jonah, with a workshop – “Not so Random thoughts on being Church in 21st Century Malaysia
Or Stuff I’m (still) Learning after that eventful 2002 Book Review
I titled and I’Ching did two workshops – “Develping a Christian Worldview” and ” Introduction to Worldviews” All this with devotions thrown in and a special games afternoon (where I had some fun too and some aching muscles now!)

good to read about BLC’s Sunday Blurry Sunday

Came to to a series of “intense” email exchanges between friends and trying to process what ths means for us.

chatting with Sherman was fun and insightful as usual and it’s good to see interesting additions and developments at this Think Tank. Glad to have an Asian there (especially Malaysian!). I’m also looking forward for our version of a “learning community” coming soon …

still trying to settle in … so much has happened the past 7 days and it’s still not over yet … dunno how to “transition” for a while … it’s always like that after a stretch of intense ministry …

God is gracious … will sleep soon…

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts after Quite a ride

  1. sk

    Sivin, how come my name and the ThinkTank both link to the same site? Must be the post-hyper-momentum syndrome u were experiencing while blogging this post. 🙂

  2. Where can I find me one of them robes?…

  3. Sivin Kit

    sk ~ I’ve made the necessary correction. Then again you are orthodox in generosity and generous in orthodoxy … plus, inn hindsight people could go there and then go to you .. ah, trying to justify myself huh? It’s corrected that’s what counts!

  4. Sivin Kit

    Ryan ~ mine was actually tailor-made by an old friend of my parents :-)but in the land of the USA it’s easy to get one right? (of course, you could design one yourself!)

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