Guess who’s the new Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Malaysia?
It’s a 4 year term … May the Lord bless him and guide him …. and for the rest of us .. we need the exact same thing too!

IMG_4276_new EXCO2005.jpg

The story how this list arrived on the board probably would come only in the memoirs of S.K. (Sivin Kit not Soren Kierkegaard) 😛

One more day to go for the convention … looking forward for a break before we start work again … and there’s lots of work ahead.

3 thoughts on “Transition

  1. sk

    Why the photo so high above the few lines of words? You really uplift your bishop THAT high ar? Hehehe…

  2. sk

    Ah, I’ve just realised why…for some reason, your second picture (of the noticeboard) does not appear on both my IE and Firefox browsers.

    Congrats bro…let’s change the world! **hehe**

  3. I pray this is an incredible providential move of God. I pray that the new bishop is a progressive, unifying force.

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