Quiet Thoughts after another good beer and conversation!


Sometimes we find a most scenic moment in the most hidden place. In the case of the picture above it’s a pond found near a small village in the region of Hof where I was at last weekend – in a place what people would call the Bavarian Siberia. 🙂

Now, I’m near Munich … and have a wonderful bed to sleep and a delightful “very good” Wi-fi connection which I didn’t expect. So, maybe I could update more than I expected.

Just came back from a choir practice and now have a fresh appreciation of Bach and Vivaldi 🙂 I think what impressed me most wasn’t just the church choir but the passion of the young twenty something music student choir director. My batteries ran out so I’ll probably only be able to put up a video tomorrow. This was not part of the original program, it was more of joining the lifestyle of my host Manfred and Sabine.

I found the not part of the “official” program bits enriching and expanding my horizons. One of the unexpected “blessings” in this trip is to have a better understanding of the history and development of African Christianity through the eyes of longer term missionaries who’ve lived there. First, it’s a wonderful introduction to a continent which I feel is more distant for me geographically and historically. Second, it purges my naivety about how Christianity develops there and specifically cultural questions. Third, I find my horizons expanded even more when it comes to seeing Christianity worldwide and what is possible for the future (as well as areas we need to keep an eye on).

It was fun to teach Esther (Manfred and Sabine’s youngest daughter) some Chinese. So far I’ve lived with five families in Germany and all at different life stages and with their uniqueness. The conversations with a nice beer always opens up personal as well as spiritual topics worth the time spent here.

I’m glad to be here right now. I do miss home and am prepared to go back. And there just simply too much to process all at one go. For now, I’ll be thankful for every moment which has passed and the episodes which has yet to unfold. It’s a full day tomorrow and Wednesday.

I’m looking forward for at least one day of planned sightseeing perhaps to the alps near to Munich 🙂 Of course, a good weather helps. It’s getting colder now. It’s time to sleep.

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