Random Links 141

The Retention Factor
Some good practical advice here, I shared some of it to people last week — > “Take the 3rd party learning approach as much as possible. This means learning and reading as if you were going to teach the same material to someone tonight.”

The Passion: The Gospel as Political Parody
Ched Myers name seems to be coming up again and again these past years.

Grace Cathedral Forum: Dave Fleming: The Seeker’s Way (mp3)
I have a leadership book by Dave Fleming so this is an interesting interview where I could hear more of his faith journey and perspectives. It also adds insight to the USA context which often washes their debris over here.

The Evolving Church Conference 2007 Blows My Mind
Nice to hear from one of the speakers for a change.

The gospel of shalom for both haves and have-nots
I continue to deepen my understanding of the “Gospel”.

Inside the Missional Matrix
I’m downloading away!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Random Links 141

  1. Yew Khuen

    Hey, thanks for the tip on 3rd party learning approach! Should use it for my exams sometime.. hahah…

  2. Yew Khuen, it’s changing the way I’m reading anything now 🙂

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