Dally: This is so wrong …

I’m disturbed tonight as I read about the late young Dally here in Mutilated body of 7-year-old girl shatters refugees’ dream and Stench leads to gory find. This was brought to my attention last night at one of our LiFE Group meetings by a member. And this morning I got an email with more news. It was not news I wanted to hear. But it hit me … especially after having it in my mind lingering the whole day.

I decided to send it to my church email list …not having much to say apart from “it’s tough to read this tragic news. Can we pray for the family? for mercy and also for justice?”

I just realized that the person who sent me the email was in direct contact with one of the family members. Now it’s hitting harder. God, what the hell is wrong with our country that something like this can happen?

4 thoughts on “Dally: This is so wrong …

  1. it is the cost of development… that’s what i believe… the need to progress… which leads to greed and thus…. inhuman acts.

  2. Paul Long

    It is good to be VERY angry when we hear such things. I sometimes fear for myself when I can no longer feel anger or grief when I hear of such things.

  3. zewt, the irony is the more we want “progress” we actually “regress” from living truly human lives to even being worse than animals … Lord have mercy. We need to reexamine the cost of development if it amounts to what we read about Dally.

  4. Paul, I get even frustrated when I sense that we spend so much energy of trivial debates when there are matters at hand which require our most focused attention.

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