Why do we sing?


“The bird does not sing because it has answers. It sings because it has a song.”
– Chinese proverb quoted by Margaret Somerville in the first of her lectures on The Ethical Imagination (HT: Parking Lot)

Elysia loves singing … she sings in the car, she sings when i carry her, she sings at my mom’s place, she sings in church, she sings at home .. she sings … she has lots of songs – Chinese, English, nursery rhymes, sunday school songs, folk songs, all sorts. So often we adults have lost the ability and the joy of “singing” (and this includes the metaphorical usage of the word applied to life!)

The quote above is simple and when I read it the first person of thought of was Elysia (who’s now two years old already!) … the past weeks our kids have been a wonderful source of reminders of what is important and what it means to be human (and childlike). I’ve been consciously and unconsciously drawn to reflections on my faith, growth and basic human stuff. Nothing fancy, only what is necessary.

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