The Difference between a Conservative and a Liberal

“The difference between a conservative and a liberal is that if someone is drowning a hundred yards offshore, the conservative will throw out fifty yards of rope and yell at the drowning man, ‘We’ve done our part. Now you must assume some responsibility and do yours.’ The liberal, on the other hand, when seeing someone downing a hundred yards offshore, throws out two hundred yards of rope … then drops his end of the rope.”- Tony Campolo, Let Me Tell You a Story, p. 129

I just couldn’t help but giggle away before I fell asleep last night accidentally reading this. I’m guessing there is a USA context behind Tony’s comments above. But then “rope yelling” and “rope dropping” is not a phenomena confined to my western friends. It’s good to re-check the LOG in our own eye!

My prayer is my time in Port Dickson with about 200 young adults at the SIBKL Young Adults’ Camp perhaps will see more people move beyond whatever polarities beginning to surface in our Malaysian context.

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