Random Thoughts before the others wake up!

Building Sky Trees

I don’t know why but I like the picture above I managed to take while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

The Christmas holiday break was kind of good. And I’m looking forward to the new year 🙂

It’s fascinating to reflect back on the different people I’ve met this last year and the different relationships which has evolved …

It’s encouraging to see more people learning to think for themselves, critical thinking can be rare on this part of the world. And yet, it’s also sad to see how so many of us are stunted because our emotional capacities are less developed. Somehow, this incongruence lands us up in many troubles which could have been avoided. Oh! There will still be loads of troubles ahead but they’d likely be a different kind.

I’m going to begin clearing up some of my RSS feeds before the year ends. Information overload.

Facebook isn’t such a craze anymore. Part of the reason for me is I’m pretty happy with Picassa Web Albums backing up my photos.

Working on simplifying my life lately. Noticed some re-energized focus. I still think the arrival of baby Ewan sped (there is such a word right?) me on this track. I was joking with a single friend the other night on how so many singles complain about no time, no energy, no this or that … okay, I’m sounding like an old man, but let’s face it folks … having three kids is no joke even with an amazing wife!

That felt good saying the last line.

I’m exploring some ideas for my blog series which seems to have been emerging. “Random Thoughts” is here to stay. “Random Links” has been fun to point people away to better posts! I’ve retitled “Inspiration” to “Meditation” because I think that’s what I’ve actually been doing when I reflect on the various quotes or excerpts I read. I’m wondering how to title some of the practices or steps I’ve taken through the years which has freed me to be more than I could be, as well as do more then I had imagined. “Practicing steps”? “Simples Steps”? “Random Steps”? “Third Ways”? “Baby Steps”? I can;t make up my mind yet…

Nice to clear my Hipster PDA a while ago. Feel lighter now. Ah yes the PDA stands for “Parietal Disgorgement Aid”.

I noticed I’ve refrained from giving people advice when they don’t ask for it, mostly because if I were in their shoes I might not have wanted to hear it anyway. We tend to think we can sort out our own problems. But then, I remember how many times I’ve avoided silly mistakes because I asked for opinions which I could bounce my own ideas on. It’s been good. At times, life saving. Mostly, life enriching.

Novels? Nope … I don’t think I’ve really delved into them. Lack patience I think. Non-fiction? I like them in the movie or TV show format. Memoirs? Yes … somehow, I’d be drawn to real life stories .. I think interest this cuts into my movie and TV show watching too. Self-help? I have been detoxed from this genre for years. But I was refreshed to read some pretty good “common sense” stuff … so, it’s not totally hopeless. Some redemptive elements there. Comics? I’ve been introducing Asterix to Gareth and Elysia. Suddenly, it dawned on me … maybe at the end of the day, everything I’ve learnt I’ve got it from Asterix! I think I’m beginning to see a little bit of the village in BLC 🙂 No, I am not Cacophonix!


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2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts before the others wake up!

  1. Alex Tang

    Hey, there is getting too many “Random” titles running in your blog! I better copyright the word “random”. 🙂

    I am glad to have met you personally this year and to have read all of your blog postings. I have been edified, mortified, humilified (is that such a word?), mystified and satisfied.

    Special blessings to you and your family in this Christmas season and the brand new 2008.

  2. Thanks Alex for dropping another one of your encouraging comments 🙂 I guess, as far as blogging is concerned I’ve been really “Random” this season. Still haven’t got back into the groove yet … heheh

    Thanks for being such a blessing to us too as a family, to BLC as a church and to Friends in Conversation (formerly and also known as Emergent Malaysia)

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