Random Thoughts before the Sun rises


It’s going to be sometime before I can catch the sun rise. It’s the middle of the night now.

Looks like there will be a detail in the Christian Perspectives on Politics in Malaysia series. I will try to wrap it up tomorrow.

I managed to estimate the time for this morning’s activities at the bookstores with May Chin’s Brother in law Philip, but from then on adjustments were needed. But then again, that’s becoming a constant nowadays … the constant need for adjustments.

Just realized I will be starting my “good byes” earlier then expected. This year will be a year of good byes (at least for a while) for quite a substantial number of people. No one can fully prepare for the changes ahead of us. Some are expected, others a little more of a surprise.

Like it or not, it never gets easier. All of us move on at some stage … to make room for growth in one way or another.

Gareth and I are talking about our highs and lows daily … and I think it’s been a good practice which I’ve been persevering on. At first, Gareth didn’t have much to say or he said, “I can’t remember.” But remembering requires some effort doesn’t it? So, after awhile he’s learning how to recall what affects him and what he feels.

I was moved when he mentioned his low today was when his cousin Josh cut and hurt his foot at the swimming pool this afternoon. And later we prayed for Josh. And his high was trying out his Chinese New Year outfit for school tomorrow. We’re slowly reaping the benefits of this simple practice of Examen made simple. This made my evening special.

There are other thoughts…. but then maybe ending it with this little episode with Gareth is good for now 🙂 Hope to jumpstart myself back into action tomorrow morning with a cup of coffee…

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