Random Thoughts on the 5th Day of CNY


It’s amazing how hidden the best food one can get from the public eye.  When we passed by the Hotel Merlin in Port Dickson, we didn’t expect much.  In fact, we giggled past it.  But then lo and behold, we had dinner at the family owned restaurant …. and it was awesome … in fact it was at least to me heavenly!

What was even more interesting is the story behind this little known establishment, where once upon a time during it’s glory days it was THE place for dinners in Port Dickson.  Now, it’s overshadowed by the newly built hotels and resorts.  But for us tonight, it was a highlight.

It was also good to connect deeper with a wonderful family hosting us here.

Oh yes …. it’s nice to have a wi-fi connection in the room because we’re quite near to the hotspot! 🙂

I’ve been enjoying tons of articles through ATLASerials (ATLAS) Online Collection of Major Religion and Theology Journals.  It’s a great resource. Exactly what I need for an extra kick on my studies!

A surprise email from the man who is supposed to be my supervisor is a great help too … he’s back from his sabbatical.  I need to start extra work!

Back to food and the restaurant again, it made me think of the church … or churches in general.  While it’s popular to talk about the "McChurch" models of church today, and often the decline of older churches, I was drawn to think how even churches who aren’t so glorious or have gone past their glory days are still quality places where people can encounter authentic stuff of God, faith and growth! These are still places of art and heart which can still touch those of us who are seeking. Of course, it depends on what people are looking for isn’t it? Glamour? Impressiveness? Coolness? Whatever?

So much is focused these days on how the church should be and what is expected of her. And yet, how much is said about the people and our expectations of church and how it reflects on us?  Perhaps, our complaints tell us more about ourselves than the church? A good look at the mirror is surely needed for the church who is often ignoring self-examination.  But I think each of us need a good look at the mirror ourselves.

Oh … I thought I was talking about food. 🙂

Nice to see everyone else fast asleep now.  The silence is beautiful … and the little snoring is music.

We have to wake up early tomorrow. And I missed one most important task for today.  Will try again tomorrow. 

But I think I can still squeeze a secondary important task before I sleep and catch up with some needed reading and thinking.

How do we see the world which we live in today? The changes scare many of us tremendously.  We are worried we can’t cope. Parents know the onslaught of outside influence can never be denied.  But many will try to delay the tsunami of unwanted influence if possible.  I can understand the concern.  And it’s a genuine one. 

Perhaps, it’s time for us to sit down and have an honest open conversation between young and old.  The maturing and more mature, the innocent and the wiser ones on matters which concern us.  While putting needed boundaries is part of the package but we need to get to the heart of what are we desiring, and what we fear … and how we can negotiate some responses which is more helpful than harmful.

For too long, we have either gone with the flow or against the flow.  Time to seriously work on our swimming technique in the sea of conflicting ideas.

Oh … now, I’m still savoring the enjoyment of the dinner we had. My stomach is still full … and the aftertaste is wonderful even in my recollection of the ambience and the good conversations we had.

it’s never just about food …. it’s about friends and family whom we eat together.

Better go and wash it all down again with a good cup of warm water.

And start reading again. 🙂

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