Random Links 218 (CNY Edition)

This is our country

Great effort by Wan Saiful Wan Jan and Tricia Yeoh. Here’s a series of questions to draw you in …

"What we need to do now is to accept that everyone, Muslim or not, is part and parcel of the fabric of the Malaysian society. We have to move away from the emotional debates on issues like race and religion.

Why is it that, every time we talk about Islam, we must discuss apostasy? Why is it that when we talk about Hinduism, it is as if Hindus are trying to destroy the country? Why is it that when we talk about Malaysian Chinese, it is as if they are trying to rob the country’s wealth from the Malays? Why is it that when we talk about Malaysian Christians, it is as if all Muslims must always be suspicious of them? "

Malaysian Income Rose by 40% over 3 years?

wow … betul-ke?

Racial Integration Starts In Schools

Now education should be an area close to our hearts … 🙂

“You know-lah”

This is no joke …. and while we can’t force people to stay … it’s never easy to say so many good-byes in such a short span of time.

"Whenever we think of migrants, we tend to think of migrants coming in droves to work in Malaysia. But we often forget about Malaysians who have emigrated."

MEDIA-MALAYSIA: Call To Boycott Newspapers For Biased Reporting

The link many of us have been making it … bias to whom? it’s hard not to see …

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