Random Links 227 ("Election Midnight Edition")

A Chinese In Kelantan Speaks Out

Some people have asked me what do I think of someone if they only had a choice to vote between PAS and BN.  What if it’s  re-framed it as between PAS and UMNO?  But then, of course this Barisan Rakyat thing is REALLY a good move! And I know, that is another way of reframing our choices … Barisan Rakyat vs. Barisan Nasional.  I wonder what are their thinking process involved, what are their fears? Perhaps we need to re-examine our prejudices and preconceived ideas again.

Most non-Muslims, when you ask them about PAS, probably fear them more than they fear the evil BN. That fear is not entirely misplaced, because of PAS’ previously stated ambitions to make this country into an Islamic state. But I would say, non-Muslims should fear the BN more, especially since BN is no longer an equal coalition, but one that is led by UMNO and UMNO Youth, followed by “dan lain lain”.  In a bid to out-Islam the PAS, we have got UMNO politicians releasing statements to try to show the Kelantanese voters that they are also very strong in Islam.  In the near term, non-Muslims should certainly fear BN more since BN has all the power, and PAS has limited power.

Reconciling Islamization with a Democratic Society in Malaysia

Heard someone talk about what is Anwar Ibrahim’s view on Islamic state, I was refered to this paper.

The “miracle” on Jalan Gasing

Good one …Father O.C. Lim probably performed the best with his closing prayer!

Coverage of the Campaign (Part 1)

The media plays an important role ..

IN the run-up to the Feb 24 nomination day, at least 44% of news stories about the 12th general election in Malaysia were pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) for the period between Feb 18 and 22.

On average, the six newspapers which were monitored by a citizens’media monitoring initiative had between 50% and 70% stories that portrayed the ruling coalition in a positive light.

CPPS Election Resource Policy Fact Sheets

Must reads … on:



Urban Transportation

Crime and Safety

Election 2008: Party Manifestos

Here’s a good quick compilation … at least for their stated positions. I will be reading all hopefully before the week ends 🙂

Barisan Nasional (2004 Manifesto)

Barisan Nasional (2008 Manifesto)

Malaysian Chinese Association (9-Point Platform)

Malaysian Chinese Association (5-Year Economic Blueprint)  

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Malaysian Economic Agenda)

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (New Deal)

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Manifesto 2008)

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (New Dawn)

Democratic Action Party (Budget 2008 Proposal)

Democratic Action Party (Manifesto 2008)

Parti Islam SeMalaysia (2008 Manifesto)

The People’s Declaration

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