TAKE FROM ME, gracious God, all that separates me from you — my sense of past sin, my pride in present achievements, my anxieties for the future. Make me self-forgetful as I gaze on you, and let me know the joy of finding my true self in you. Amen.

– Helen Julian CSF
The Road to Emmaus: Companions for the Journey through Lent

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

BLC opened for the Stations of the Cross on Wednesday night 8pm and we ended about 10.30pm.  It rained like it always does during Holy Week in Malaysia. I was a little surprised by the turn out and was delightfully encouraged by the response thus far.  The creativity of each station complemented the depth of the guided experience.  Every person involved setting up the stations really put in their heart and soul.

It was a good time of at least for me to quietly observe how each person takes their time along a journey of looking at Jesus and looking at their own hearts.  In some conversations after some finished the stations, we also discovered how other people were drawn into the whole time of prayer and contemplation making this walk not just about ourselves and Jesus, but also others who are somehow linked to us one way or another.

I hope to have my own walk on Thursday night.  I’m glad we decided to make a return and do the more classical version of the stations this year. 

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3 Responses to Self-Forgetful

  1. Sigrun says:

    Could I plead for some photos please? We miss ‘stations of the cross’…

  2. Paul Long says:


    Had a nice reflective Good friday service this morning. I think my church is ready for “stations of the Cross” next year. When the busyness of your life has slowed down, do send me more ideas …. Blessed Easter!! Christ is risen indeed!!

  3. Sivin says:

    Sigrun – I’ve already put more photos on Facebook … and here.

    Paul Long – Good to hear from you Paul, I’m looking forward to see how you do the stations in New Zealand next year 🙂

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