Stations of the Cross 2008: Looking at Jesus, Looking at our Hearts

Two nights, and so far, as Iisten those who have taken time and their own pace to prayerfully walk the Stations of the Cross at BLC the last 2 days, it affirms the right decision we made as a council to have this practice available to all who desire step back to look at Jesus afresh, and at the same time honestly look into our own hearts.


When people arrive they are given a guide book and a simple layout of where the stations are and the direction to walk the stations.  For those who are new, I give them a brief introduction on the Stations of the Cross. We used as a primary text the reflections by Lucille Perrotta Castro, and all those in charge of the stations were given full creative freedom in how to artistically set up each station.  Some even took initiative to add on interactive exercises for their particular stations.

What I liked about the frame in which Lucille Perrotta Castro’s reflection was "Looking at Jesus, Looking at Your heart" which connected the life of Jesus with our own lives.

We will have one more night for the Stations tomorrow after a short Good Friday Service at BLC, 8pm onwards.

Station 1: Jesus Stands before a Judge, Pontius Pilate.  The Judge tells Jesus that he will die.



Station 2: Soldiers put a heavy cross on Jesus’ shoulders

 016 019

Station 3: Jesus falls the first time

023 027

Station 4: Jesus meets his Mother

046   048


Station 5: A Man, Simon, helps Jesus carry his cross

044 095

Station 6: A woman, Veronica, wipes Jesus’ face


Station 7: Jesus falls a second time

038 043

Station 8: Jesus meets women who are crying


082 080

Station 9:Jesus falls a third time

060 104


Station 10: Jesus clothes are taken away


Station 11: Jesus is nailed to the cross


Station 12: Jesus dies on the cross

029 032

Station 13: Jesus is taken down from the cross


Station 14: Jesus is buried

048 049

Station 15: Jesus raised from the death, Jesus is alive


091 051

So the above picture gives you a glimpse of our version of the Stations of the Cross for 2008. Here’s  A Walk Through the Stations of the Cross provided online (HT: Dion Forster)

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