Random Links 278 ("It’s show time" Malaysia Edition)

The Permatang Pauh By-Election is surely going to dominate our minds the next few weeks, so I’ll do my part today  with extra links and then move on to other stuff 🙂

Titbits on P44 BE

It’s great to have friends up north to tell us juicy details on the ground … I felt the same way on point no. 11.

Wise words, not flowery language

Josh is right, it’s more than the ability to speak a language, the question is what values to we really hold on the inside, and represent on the outside in totality. 

What is the big deal if Arif Shah’s command of Mandarin is impressive? It is merely a personal issue, and I am more interested in his political ideals and the political entity that he is affiliated with.

So long as BN is mired in its racist ideology and shows no will to initiate far-reaching reforms, I don’t see the merit for it to be given the mandate, not even if some of its members could cast a spell on the crowd using the angelic language.


Some advice loud and clear for all …

If indeed this by-election will shape the direction of politics for the entire nation, supporters for the possible future leader of the nation should think quick and deep about their continued presence in PP. They need to be asked (and to ask themselves) what they are doing in PP. Will their continued presence add value to their candidate’s campaign? Do they have specific roles to play or are they there to take on the atmosphere or gain experience to put into their cv? A battle-field is not a place for by-standers or curiosity-seekers. Better for saudara candidate that excess humanity leave the scene to those who are there to do their work. Don’t consume electricity and water or occupy roadway and parking. Come away and follow the campaign through alternative media like Malaysia Today.

For those who remain to really assist the campaign, be very careful of how you tread in PP, how you talk, how you behave. Put on ordinary clothes, choose agreeable colours, always and in every situation be courteous, considerate and respectful of the locals. Beri laluan dan ruang kepada orang kampung. Adopt local customs and ways.

Yes we have an important message to convey to voters but do so in the fashion of the new politics we are trying to usher in. Don’t take on the bullyish, crude, arrogant, hooliganish manners of the outgoing regime. Reformasi is our goal but it is not just a word we shout on the street but a manner of behaving and dealing with the local folks. To be convinced they need to see us as reformed people with refined manners.

Is Anwar Ibrahim a reformist?

The question on "Can you trust Anwar?" always emerges on and off … then I would hear a reply, "Do you trust ______________?" (Fill in the blank with any other politician or fellow human being").  After moving away from guessing one’s inner motivations, we can have more progress in the discussion over stated positions and agendas.

Bad day for BN

One of the first things many of us were wondering was who will be the first component party to pull out of the BN.

Gerakan leader endorses Anwar

Is this the tip of the iceberg?

God, is this a sign?

Great pictures on the ground and on a tree!

Ezam in full force against Anwar in Permatang Pauh

Glimpses on another side.

Shafee to RPK: Face me in court

This is going to be the side show with equal interest to many.

New DNA Bill

Tony raises the question which is on a lot of our minds:

Are laws being changed just to ensure that a successful upcoming prosecution of some prominent personality? Are goalposts being shifted against the natural course of justice?

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