Well, I’m just a little over 30 years old …


May Chin confirmed it . I’m 36 years old today to be precise 🙂

Last night,  a unique group which I facilitate – eikon ho theos or “eikons” for short – were kind enough to include a mini celebration in the middle of our gathering.  As I look at the candles now in the cake picture above, I feel the three candles represent the work of the Triune God in my life in ways that has surpassed by understandings and expectations.

Before I slept last night I read a fantastic screenplay which had a character based on me, this birthday gift bonus was a delightful surprise on top of the mouth watering potato chips which May Chin and I enjoyed as the kids were sleeping 🙂 The dialogue in the screenplay amazingly and accurately portrayed who I am, what I value, and what I aspire to embody . It’s a great feeling to know you are understood.

It’s quite a story too if we were to slowly recap how we met, our first impressions of each other, and then what led to the formation of this particular group. I’m so proud of what each of them in eikons are trying to do in their respective spheres of influence and calling. Of course, in the midst of this ongoing journey, there are bumps, valleys, mountaintops and cave-like moments too.

This has also been the story of Bangsar Lutheran Church too in a wider scale . I felt that so strongly during the recent 8th Anniversary celebration. For me, the feelings of gratitude well up more and more, as I piece the puzzles of our individuals stories, with the clusters of stories coming together, then beyond BLC to the wider STORY of God which is still unfolding before our eyes.

The last year especially, I found quite a number of areas in my life intensified, enhanced and stretched even more. I’m still trying to figure out the implications all that has happened thus far, and what might be the future ahead.

For now, I will live in the present and just “be” (even though I’m off to moderate a consultation in 30 minutes time), but as I finish this particular blog post, I’m entering a zone where I’m reminded to live in the “now”. 

And all praise be to the “I AM” for all that You’ve done and are still doing in this “work in progress” just turned 36 year old.

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