Back from ibridge Camp 2008 as mini speaker!

I had fun as a mini speaker at the iBridge Camp this afternoon. As I work through my own personal narrative, the BLC story and beyond, I can’t help but be grateful for a pretty good journey thus far, full of twists and turns but also full of surprises and blessings.

The conversations after that with fellow mini-speaker Fook Meng was also a bonus!

Waiting for My session at EL SANCTUARY on

It was fun also to do some quick video clips ….

Impressive Cameras and Cameramen on

One more thing … the fish and mash potatoes plus onion rings during lunch was awesome! 🙂 I’m still savoring that moment even as I type …

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One Response to Back from ibridge Camp 2008 as mini speaker!

  1. Yoshua says:

    Hi Rev,

    Thanks for the sharing! I loved the ultra-cool slides and the down-to-earth sharing. Cracked me up! 🙂 The candor, honesty and heartfelt sharing of your successes and failures were an encouragement to me (and I’m sure the others too). And I didn’t manage to find anyone for my ‘mini, unofficial recruitment drive’. 😉

    Blessings and keep the passion burning,

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