Random Links 294 (“Monday Meditatio” Malaysia Edition)

The Spirit moving among us

A little bit delayed in linking but still worth it.

I had never seen anything like it before. More than 800 people, including non-Christians, gathered in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit on a working day – and it wasn’t even a day of obligation.

They prayed fervently and sang rousing songs calling for justice and peace while holding lighted candles up high, bathing the darkened interior of the Cathedral with the warm orange glow of hundreds of candles. As they prayed, images of ISA detainees Teresa Kok, Raja Petra and the Hindraf Five flashed onto the large overhead screens on either side of the altar.

This was the special Mass for ISA detainees held on Monday night, September 15, concelebrated by more than half a dozen priests from the Penang diocese.

Fr Fabian Dicom, the assistant parish priest, and Fr Francis Anthony, the parish priest delivered powerful calls for the abolition of the ISA. The congregation affirmed their stirring denunciations of the ISA with loud and sustained applause.

A church bell tolled, sounding the death knell for the ISA.

You could almost feel the Spirit moving among those gathered. Someone actually broke out in tongues during the service. Heads turned but no one seemed surprised.

Building a new economic order

I decided to subscribe online to the Herald. So I’m catching up with the reading.  In fact, I’m catching up with a lot of reading.  I told Father Jojo Fung when we headed to the bus stand, Read, sleep, eat, read, write, sleep, eat. That’s our idea of a holiday! 🙂 Ok, in my case I add blog!

Jesus himself condemned the rich man for overlooking the plight of poor Lazarus, who was just outside his door.
Perhaps individually we cannot be faulted for overlooking the poor around us, because when we look around us, we may not see very many poor people. But often, the poor are hidden from our view, and if we support and endorse economic policies that neglect or worse, exploit and oppress the poor, then surely we are part of the problem rather than the solution.

Scenes from the RPK trial

Every time I think of RPK I offer a prayer for him, and also more than 60 other detainees. Kyrie Eleison.

Businessmen close to Abdullah quit

The reality of the relationship between money and politics is so glaring and we haven’t even started talking about “money politics”.


I wonder how have we been sleeping lately?

I want all Malaysians to think and chew over this. This cruel paradox which renders those of us with conscience SLEEPLESS IN MALAYSIA while those who were responsible for all ISA detainees’ immoral detention are seamlessly sleeping through the nights (as well as the days).

Petaling Jaya says no to ISA

Way to go PJ! Wish I was there too . but Gareth recovering from fever.  I see two BLC members represented . I’m so proud to be their pastor! Way to go BLC!


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