Countdown to the Advent Conspiracy


(HT: Dave Walker)

Gareth, Elysia and I sat down with a candle lit for special time of prayer before they slept and we talked about Advent and what it means.  Gareth got it right when he said it was about “coming”.  But who or what’s coming I asked?  The kids giggled and mentioned presents and all. 🙂 Of course, their pastor father had to use this teachable moment to talk about the Messiah Jesus. They accepted my explanation.

And we then moved on to the possibility of spending less money on buying presents especially for themselves! (I got the idea of including my kids more proactively this year from Sample AC Newsletter for Families and Kids). I proposed how about saving the money and give it to a project that we as a church will be supporting (BLC will be focusing on supporting United Voice this year – indeed a different kind of “water” project! We’re adapting to what we discern to be a local need).

Gareth leaped for joy and said he had lots of coins in his piggy bank! I confess I was a little stunned. At least the conversation has started . and the movement towards our convictions and actions will come in due time.

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To me the Christian year has indeed become part and parcel of my own spiritual formation, I pray it is for people part of our church as well. For what it’s worth, Happy New Christian year tomorrow the first Sunday of Advent! 🙂 I welcome you to join the conspiracy!

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