Random Links #337 on Teoh Beng Hock Part 2

Remembering Sdr Teoh Beng Hock

One sentence stands out.

No more Francis Udayappans, no more A. Kugans, no more Teoh Beng Hocks!

In Memory of Teoh Beng Hock

Tricia Yeoh shares from the heart and the mind.

Teoh was a quiet character who must have been thoroughly enthused about working in a new state administration. I cannot speak on his behalf, but the reason I have chosen to work in this Pakatan State government is because I want to contribute to a cause I believe in. To better socioeconomic policies in the view of fairness for the sake of the rakyat. I am sure Teoh was no different. Spurred on by the results of the March 8th General Elections, hope for a budding democracy had begun. Although the actual management and administration of the State has not been easy, nor without error, the struggle to create a better society is real.

As a young person, I resonate with his desire to contribute so willingly to this cause. His death cannot be in vain. Although it may spark fears amongst the young – and their parents – as to the grave political dangers of this working environment, I believe with a greater urgency and fervour that this is the right thing to do.

An Ode To Teoh Beng Hock

Here’s the whole haiku

he was but a guest
of the corruption busters
but ended up dead
suicide comes to mind

but he was to be married
think of something else
what a reception
till early morn they kept him

tell us how he died
don’t accuse wrongly
let the police do their work
crackdown on protest

1Malaysia but
2 timing really
3 if we still keep silent

I Cannot Remain Neutral About Issues Of Morality

When Goh Keat Peng is on fire, we feel the heat!

This is not about partisan politics. I expect my friends from both sides of the parliamentary divide to speak up. I expect to hear from all political parties and all who hold public office at all levels to speak up. I want especially to hear from Maximus Ongkili, Bernard Dompok, Lee Hwa Beng, Loh Seng Kok who publicly profess the Christian Faith to speak up.

I expect the churches and the church leadership to speak up including those I know personally such as Hwa Yung, Ng Moon Hing and many others.

Of course all of the above persons should state their own views and even fault my manner of speaking or reasoning. But silence is not an option. Leaders do not have the option of keeping their opinion to themselves. They must lend their voices to voices which have been silenced.

Accountability Can Only Come Through A Royal Commission Of Enquiry

Irene Fernandez from Tenaganita speaks out too.

Neither the MACC nor the police can investigate. They will be biased as we know both these agencies are being used to attack a democratically elected opposition and state government. Tenaganita supports the call for an independent royal commission of inquiry to be instituted to ensure justice is seen to be done and that persons and institution are made responsible for Teo’s death. The years of assurance of transparency and integrity has only been met with more defence for the corrupt. Teo’s death is testimony to what extent this defence for the corrupt has developed.

Could This Be Our Stephen Lawrence case?

Marina Mahathir asks the question, and turns for an application.

Even though it is not the police we are concerned with here but the MACC, still only a Royal Inquiry can clear things up. And maybe even change things.

A Valediction Forbidding Political Correctness

Short and to the point.

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