It was good. It is good. It will be good.


There’s always something special when we have a chance to visit Batu 20 Congregation in Cameron Highlands. Today, I saw so much joy in the children as they got a pleasant visit from the 3 member  Lauf Team led by Thomas Hofmann and ELCA pastoral Intern Peter Harrits. Nothing was overtly planned and we just went with the flow.

In short, it was good.

It’s good now before the clock strikes midnight as I sit here keying these words. The silence at the Lutheran Mission Bunglalow is always inviting and refreshing.  Especially after an evening of good food and wonderful conversations which went beyond the surface to matters of the heart. I must also include a nice skype interlude with the Kit kids!

Before I sign off for the night, I’m grateful for this good night.

The added bonus is I finally can sleep at the attic room. I think it’s great! 🙂 Looks like what’s ahead will be good too .

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