Multi-Mosaic Malaysia: Living Together as Malaysians! Dancing Together as Humans?

I had a great time at the SABM Roadshow KL last Saturday. Unfortunately due to time constraint I had to move through my presentation with a little rush, and didn’t manage show my closing video to tie the whole talk to our common humanity. 

Some might feel uncomfortable with the term “Pluralism” (because of the wrong impression that all religions are the same without appreciating their distinctive) and prefer “plurality” (which merely acknowledges the plural nature of our society without trying to theologically melt everyone together).

I’m exploring the idea for future presentations to coin this term Multi-Mosaic Malaysia in the sense that each faith community can find commonalities with one another while being enriched by each others uniqueness!  In short, differences doesn’t have to divide, and we’re not a melting pot where we lose our identities for some vague homogeneity!

I’ll work on that in the next round.  For now thanks to technology below is my Prezi for the talk  as it was shared (inclusive of the video but minus the tone of my voice & the complementary stories plus reflections!), but I think it may spur some thought nonetheless.

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