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DAP to win Sibu by 500 votes

Ong Kian Ming got it wrong for Hulu Selangor, but will he get it right for Sibu?

Live – Eve of polling for Sibu by-election

As always the ever reliable Anil Netto keeping us updated LIVE.

Is KL really so far away from Sibu?

I’m heading for Sibu next month after the by-election, it will be interesting to observe all things “post”

To Christian believers in Sarawak, I respectfully say to you as a fellow Christian: the good news of the biblical gospel can only be understood and appreciated in the light of bad news. Bad news cannot be so easily dismissed. Facts remain as facts even though they are bad and may reflect badly on the good name of a person, people or country. When bad things happen in church, as a Christian I cannot just ignore them and keep quiet about the matter. How may we rectify anything which we don’t think is wrong? It is in facing up to the reality and truth of any given situation that good things and therefore good news can emerge from bad situations. It is when people face up to the bad news that concerns them that they can recognise and receive the good news.

If there are still people in Sarawak thinking that there is no freedom issues that affect them, religious or otherwise, they will need to think again. Yes there are always “local issues” and an elected member of parliament must seriously attend to them. But not at the expense of the many serious “national issues” the country faces. If left unresolved, these problem issues will boomerang and harm your children and their children in turn.

DAP remains shaky in rural Sibu

The voting is on Sunday, Christians will go after church “beramai-ramai”?

The Christian vote

it’s interesting how Christians are challenged to consider themselves as a voting bloc these days.  But then we need to look beyond power to principles.

There are 15.47 million people who are eligible to vote. Of this, nearly one third or 4.39 million have not yet registered as voters. This potential new 4.39 million voters will make a significant difference in how the country is governed. Among them are Christians who have also not registered.

The Christian block of voters is the largest after Malay and Chinese votes. It is even higher than what MIC can deliver.

Yes, the Christian vote makes a real difference. It does not matter who or how you vote but vote you must. If you have not registered, do so now. If you know someone in your church who has not registered yet, get them to do so. Better still get your church to start a registration campaign.

Romans 13 talks about governments being ordained by God. You can ensure that the next government is a just and righteous one. Register now unless you choose to be remain an unbiblical Christian.

It is time to stop asking the question “Was Jesus political?”

For me is what kind of politics does Jesus operate with.

Having been a Christian for quite some time now, I notice that whenever the question of Christian involvement in politics crops up, it would inevitably lead to the question “Was Jesus political?” It is not my intention here to give a detailed answer to this question as many heads more knowledgeable and wiser than mine have attempted to answer it.1 But I personally find this question unhelpful.

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