Tomorrow will be better

Ming Tian Hui Geng Hao! (Tomorrow will be better in mandarin) Of course, tomorrow means the next one or two weekslah!

For starters, I think the new domain name is likely going to be (unless another sivinkit takes it) and with the help of my young tech-guru Kiffer, he’ll coach me to learn how to “play” with the stuff behind the scenes. I hope to organize previous blogs a little into some category (maybe try to write articles or draw some pictures *grin*), get a nice photo gallery going, start a forum and get some response (especially “local” Malaysians – all welcome of course!).

Kiffer has been allowing me to use his space for my “blogging” journey. I felt it’s time to be on my own and give the space to other people he might be helping & coaching. Thanks for all the “space” & tips …

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