Random Thoughts on New Notebook

I’ve always been slower when it comes to technology, but I’ve been thankfully quick to adapt and learn.

how I wish we could watch the movie of the year in Malaysia… I guess we’ll have to drive down to Singapore (if it releases there)

visited the new MPH at 1 Utama shopping mall last night and was impressed by the selections in the Bible reference and theology shelves! Not bad for a secular book store formerly known as Methodist Publishing House (according to reliable sources)

thoroughly enjoying what BLC members put up on their blogs, David Berry has been extremely prolific with 4 new entries today.

had a fast-moving time with two “good” men, I think it was quite a good disorganized time of listening and talking. Looking forward to see what might happen …

got a better grasp of FREEMIND and mindmapped my sermon preparation, council meeting tommorrow, and loads of other stuff, etc. The new “cloud” function is really nice and colourful, the way I like it.

wife calling … son sleeping …

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts on New Notebook

  1. Angeline says:

    Well….all of us in Malaysia would be terrorising SIngapore to watch the PASSION.
    God bless Mel Gibson in coming out with such a fantastic movie and focusing on the last 12 hours of his life. Haven’t you ever wondered on those last few hours of his life as a MAN?
    Let’s hope some DVD copy comes out soon.

  2. Jason Clark says:

    thnaks for the freemind links, worska treat on my apple mac 🙂

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