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well … I’m back. I enjoyed the sleep in STM, it’s easy to fall asleep when the whole environment is so quiet. That’s after feeding numerous mosquitos in the last post. 🙂

Prof. Seow “re-enacted” beautifully two chapters of JOB so we could get the theological cues to interpret the whole book. I found his little side comment on how in the dialogue between the accuser and GOD showed us a glimpse on the “vulnerability of God”. And how far he riskes being rejected because of such vulnerability!

A climatic closing question hit me hard,

“Do you worship God because he is God?
…. or just because he has blessed you with so many things?
… If God doesn’t fit into your model of him, would you still worship him?”

I liked his challenge coming out from his exposition on the themes in JOB on bringing not only our GOD talk in line but also our GOD thoughts as well… who alone knows our hearts and hidden thoughts? God? most surely, and we ourselves too …

I’ve heard the closing talk on Ecclesiasties before but this time with more detail. And I find myself more able to follow this socio-economic reading of the text. I just keep feeling a tug in my heart, hey we KL-PJ city folk must hear this message! Espccially how the standardization of currency and the love of money changes so many things!

I left Seremban today once again encouraged by this book to relate to GOD even though the world is out of control! There’s this dimension where there’s the “inscrutibility of God” I have to wrestle with. There’s another part where I need to change and learn what true contentment is all about even without all the answers to life’s questions and problems.

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