Night No.1 … Just words


Outer Noise
The dissonance was disturbing, conflict was looking for resolution. The clashes were in my face, Hundred and one things pulling each other in my mind. Why is the dissonance so long? It’s hard to quiet down … prefer sweetness, but it’s not real all the time. 1st piece was real … I changed to the 2nd piece prefered it but deep down it’s not on earth.

God in the Flesh
what! so ordinary? nothing much … so bare … hear the mosque, the dogs are barking … some music still in the background. so, empty, … so vulnerable .. so ordinary.

Mary Anoints Jesus
Irregardless of what those idiots are thinking … I can only pour it out simply … serving YOU … even if I’m alone

Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus
yeah .. maybe for money … maybe for fame …dunno? maybe for some Agenda that’s worthwhile … in my eyes. Betray or betrayed? where is my location ?

The Last Supper
Painful. Not just physical but the whole process … people whom you love, disicples who walked with YOU … Ironic, the meal was to celebrate. Now, it’s a moment when darkness is coming to swallow light. Alone … lonely … in the crowd.

speechless …

Jesus’ Arrest
“Who is it you want?” what a piercing question? .. I see a rope .. I touched it .. I see a sword …

Jesus Trial
So sorry… so useless… so powerless .. totally crashed .. crushed …

The Crucifixtion
I don’t deserve it not one bit … why do I think I should get forgiveness …? walking into darkness …

Jesus Death
Darkness swallowed me up …

Jesus’ Burial
Very heavy …

Crossroads: What Will You Do with Jesus?
I need to walk through this one more time … you just can’t rush … one must slow down.

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