Easter Monday

I was hoping to post up some pictures of the Stations of the cross on Holy Satuday (what I call the “silence-in-between-day“). I was prevented because it was a heavy downpour and storm so I had to shut down (wanted to avoid the modem frying after being struck by lightning!). But Journey Women beat me to it and put up some pictures here. I’ll upload more into the gallery this week. Johnny Baker introducing a worthwhile idea on the Stations of Resurrection. wow!

I’ll just acknowledge the cool guy who took the pictures and the cool God working behind the scenes in his life (do you see the cross behind him?)


It’s great to “see through the eyes” of Journey Woman, John and David how they encountered Christ through the Holy Week and Easter. I was also “all ears” to eavesdrop or listen to how other BLCians (who don’t blog!) discover meaning through the past week.


On a personal note, I found (again!) a fresh appreciation of how Jesus is our Crucified God! And on Easter it hit me deeper how He is our Risen Lord. On Good Friday, I asked the question above in the light of the cross. On Easter Sunday, I asked it again in the light of the empty tomb. Both are needed! When I think about the Resurrection shows me, I’m not just living based on a “dead man’s memory” no matter how noble that was. I’m living today based on the mystery and reality of one who passed through death and now somehow walks with me and talks with me. He’s no ghost! A living Christ continues his work here and now. He’s simply awesome … and it’s just impossible to live the same way if he were not risen! Does that make sense? I guess to some it’s nonsense, for me it’s beyond sense … 🙂 Easter Monday for me today represents this Resurrected Jesus continuing his journey in and through my pathway until we meet face to face!

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