Pastors not in church?

A bunch of us Lutheran pastors (about 10 of us) sat at a corner in IKANO’s food court. We kind of decided it’s time to have some fun! Adn not meet in the church premises. At first, the pastor who was in charge of this with me thought of bowling. Then, we felt maybe we might feel too guilty playing (which we shouldn’t of course). So, we landed in this new shopping mall for a more “take-it-easy” pilot run.

I liked the change and had a chance to share with them two resources. First, while we were waiting for a few others I introduced (with the help of another lady pastor) See Through the Scriptures.


The pastors flipped through the manual and workbook, the price was very attractive. Both of us (the lady pastor and I) shared how we are trying this out in our church context, she in Chinese me in English.

The other one was at the end, an interesting book with 1001 conversation starters for any occassion.


One pastor commented, “hey! where’s the answers?” … I said, “for us to find out ..”

Of course, I gave out a freebie (questions for normal people and fellow disciples)

It was funny how a few of them, ordered the chicken chop dish I ordered which looked more like fish then chicken. I was just plain naughty and playful. Then I think it was because I read something this morning about playing!

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