The Revisioning of Worship

Back to “normal life” today, looking at what I’ve missed for a month and what’s coming up for the rest of the month. I was delighted to be drawn back to the topic of “Worship” eavesdropping as well as conversing through a couple of emails.

After a few pretty good knocks on the head and sqeezing of my heart, i’ve sought to invite those who are interested in the topic (especially corportae worship) to move beyond songs and music (though they have an important role especially in recent years). “Liturgy” is now a good word for me (redeemed and repolished!) and I’m more interested with the our deeper understanding of how corporate worship is to be understood and how it shapes the people of God. Now for that understanding to progress, we must shift into more “solid” writings 🙂

I’m interested to swim a little more in the 1991 April issue of Theology Today on “The Revisioning of Worship” and exercise the matter between the ears!

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