Random Thoughts after “The Village”


I actually liked the movie and in its simplicity sparked off some thoughts in my mind on a variety of issues ranging from fear to the desire to be protected and so on. I was wondering how come the Malaysian publicity posters in the papers at least seemed to give a wrong impression. I saw three posters online and wondered why we didn’t really use it here. Hmm … So, far this is the second movie I’ve watched after Spiderman 2 (which I also enjoyed very much). Both are quite different movies, but I enjoyed the sparks they gave me to think and to feel … and it’s always nice to talk with someone about the themes and insights raised in the movies.

There was a cute little twist for yesterday’s worship gathering (nothing like the movies I mentioned above of course!). As I rushed out of the house with May Chin & Gareth to make it for the pre-worship rehearsal (I was playing bass), I left my message mind-map notes at home (opps!!!). Thankfully, somehow and in someway … I still managed to share the message pretty smoothly. 🙂 Not sure whether people noticed that I was “note-less”!! 🙂

Last night’s steamboat party for the “LightHouse” LiFe Group was really fun! Our family really enjoyed ourselves in spite of a difficult Sunday afternoon without a decent nap (Gareth was somehow very energetic!) It’s great to celebrate the groups mini-resurrection 🙂 and the new relationships formed between new members …

Saturday night was quite a long evening. I felt very honored to be given the chance to share at my friend’s 3rd church anniversary celebration. I realize that my Mandarin is still much to be desired from a Chinese church point of view. But, thankfully I survived and was able to get the message across 🙂 I admit, there is a cultural gap for me as I participated in the service even though I’m Chinese (in a way .. that’s another story). But, that does not need to dampen the participation and the support I can offer to this congregation and others like them. And I can remain open to learn from them as well … and indeed there are aspects BLC for example can learn from them … but this growing awareness of the nuances even in our own Christian context here in Malaysia has been stronger nowadays as I keep my links with other churches. How one thinks about these differences and handles them requires much thought and tolerance …

I’m also catching up with some blog reading and maybe commenting today … but later tonight will be our council meeting so I hope to have enough energy to focus on some “immediate” & “important” matters for my final “re-orientation” back to ministry in Malaysia – i.e. BLC leadership. so, that’s all for now …. maybe more tomorrow.

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  1. Ben says:

    Oooh… I really wanted to watch ‘The Village’… parental sanctions… what to do…

  2. mikef says:

    Hey, I know its been long. Have been away for awhile. Still in Singapore for the last week, You have been back to KL and I am still here ;).

    M. Night Shyamalan is one of my favourite story tellers with a camera. He is very unique in his approach in Movie making and he has lot of subliminal messages in his movies, the little subtle hints in the movies that tend to strike you at 2nd pass. The amazing thing is he does all this with no computer generated effects. I have seen all his movies and contrary to the movie critics, it was very good in my point of view although most are major flops after the Sixth Sense yet he still appeals to the movie goers.

    I like Unbreakable the best. Its a great twist at the end. Signs not bad too.

    Ok, enough about MNS.

    Sivin you are an amazing man. Mandarind is still a desired state I want to be and to preach it is blessed. Keep it up dude. You’re and inspiration.

    Signing off with my Char Kuey Teow order that just arrive in my room. 😉

    from Michael’s desk…

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