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“When we think we generally talk to ourselves, when we pray we talk to God.” ~ Anthony de Mello via SacredGateway

For two mornings when I stepped into the AugustinerKloster church at Erfurt when I was staying there, I noticed this young lady kneeling in prayer both the two mornings I was sitting in the pews looking at the stain-glass windows. This picture stuck in my mind on how prayer is life and life is prayer. But, more so on how the day starts with God. Thus, the desire for continual growth in my prayer life with good starts in the morning deepened. I like the quote this morning … I enjoy thinking (hmm .. talking to myself?) but maybe the nudge today was to go further to talk more to God.

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  1. why, yarn? says:

    I love to continue the morning devotions. I love the freedom of doing so because I love the Lord. My objective, really, was to learn to step out of this idea that if I don’t, my whole day will be in a total mess and that God would’ve somewhat commanded me to have morning devotions with Him. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Will continue to talk with God more.

  2. Ben says:

    Oops.. something I haven’t really been doing. I need to get back to that habit of seeking God more regularly and in a more disciplined manner. Life really looks clearer that way.

    I wonder what it is about us humans that believes we can solve more with more elaborate plans and more work done. Yet those morning pauses really do wonders…

    Now for some willpower!

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