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when we were discussing on the emergentmalaysia yahoogroup who are the people we see as the most influential Christians in Malaysia. This priest’s name came up.

Criticism of Emergent
Tony Jones has done it again … loads of comments here … I need to leave one there too. Slowly … after reading the rest first. 🙂

I’ve been reading Andrew Jones blog old and new since I got internet access. And he’s got a fascinating way for broadening and deepening the discussion. I’m looking forward to have the all the posts once it’s kind of completed. He’s always insightful and a number of radical ideas thrown in.

I like what they say here, “As one worldview transitions into another, we realize that we are living in an exciting but challenging time. This transition has had a lot of labels stuck on it, postmodern, emerging church, and a bunch of other labels and clichés. Around here, we aren’t big on labels but we do agree that the world is changing and like any time of transition, courageous people respond to the call to move forward in faith. We are a network of sojourners responding to that call together across Canada.” three cheers for the Canadians!

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