Random Links 275 ("Can’t Forget Anwar" Malaysia Edition)

Doctor on the run: police want him to fabricate evidence against Anwar

RPK never ceases to surprise us yet again, and again, and again …

Doctor: No evidence of sodomy

Police: Report aims to sabotage sodomy probe

Azizah: This proves my husband is innocent

Reactions: Do the right thing, authorities told

Malaysiakini always banks in on their speed of news.

Why Has Anwar Not Been Charged?

This was probably on our minds before this recent news on the medical report.

Leaked medical report stirs controversy for Anwar, police

The Malaysian Insider who claims to want to play a more unbiased role in reporting chips in.

Police cannot be silent a single second – latest shocking revelation on 2nd Anwar sodomy charge

We can always expect Lim Kit Siang to react speedily too.

Certified virgin!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, WCW!

Of course, the ever dependable Haris Ibrahim keeping us on our toes.

Anwar, the media, and us

Raising needed questions and challenges here …

My reaction to this so far has been: What has Malaysia come to?

Are we being led by leaders who don’t lead? Are we being duped by reporters who don’t report? Are we being silenced by fear and paranoia? Are we being robbed by unfair policies? Are we being stepped on by rubbish politicians? Are we being spat at on the face by the very persons we voted into office?

Are we going to keep silent about all this? Are we going to say “I’ve had enough of this,” and simply turn our cheek? Are we going to slowly kill ourselves by thinking it has nothing to do with us?

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