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Piety is an aspect in our faith journey which is valuable. But when piety is the only quality we have or aspire, without the outward dimension of living it in a complex world, then it rings hollow.

Zeal for change in society is lacking these days.  So, when we see it, we affirm it.  But because we often operate from a life framework which tends to polarize rather than integrate, personal change takes a back seat.  In the long run, we run dry.

Why is it that religion is only valued when it benefits ourselves and our wants or fancies?  Why is it that religion is often cornered for personal or political agendas? Why is religion  getting so much bad press these days? Why is it we are not willing to admit the new "religion" we have constructed in order to push away the ancient ones?

How much  can one take when bombarded with too much propaganda? What are the limits before fatigue and frustrations plunges into despair?

The urgent and the immediate … constantly distracts and dominates over the important and the long term.  Sorting what’s the difference, and redirecting one’s energy is quite an effort itself.

Silence is precious these days.

Life evolves unexpectedly. Looking back we wonder, how did I land up here? And yet, we make choices to move on to where we perceive to be a better place.

Trust is a hidden treasure these days.

How can we be people who are trustworthy? dependable? and with integrity? Especially when people around us tend to disappoint when we wonder why should I pursue these virtues anyway?

Talk, chats, commentary … I suppose, we need to speak up more since we’ve often been quiet and led by the nose.  But why does so much of our vocalizing feels so empty?

Wisdom is in rare supply in a world of "smart alecs".

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