Will those against Detention without Trial Speak up?


Here’s one.

The power to take away a human person’s freedom, to forcibly separate a person from loved ones and home, to keep him or her away from his or her caregivers and ready medical care, to keep him or her from business, livelihood, and gainful employment so that he or she can pay his or her bills and service his or her loans, to keep him or her from society at large and the company he or she wishes and elects to keep, to shut him or her away for years on end without having to prove his or her guilt in a publicly-conducted court of justice- this kind of arbitrary power over any human person irrespective of age, gender, class, ethnic origin or creed is excessive, immoral and unconscionable.

Thousands of peaceful others who are non-violent are speaking out with their presence.  They are on the move, arrested, injured, tear-gassed, . . . the story unfolding in real time (Thanks Anil).

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