The New Luther Centre: Bingo – light appeared.

On August 22 Saturday evening, the Lutheran Church in Malaysia & Singapore (LCMS) had a simple soft launch with a light display show followed by a choir concert. The week continues with a series of seminars and lectures by Dr. Tan Siang-Yang Tuesday & Wednesday in English and Dr. Choong Chee Pang in Mandarin on Thursday & Friday.

I managed to capture a glimpse of the light show on Saturday. So, enjoy the video above. I love the way the new gift Bible I got today after the BLC Anniversary celebration all the way from Australia!.

“Out of the blue God knocked up the whole bang lot.  It emerged as a dark lump and God ran his mind over the swirling surface.

The universe was Voice Activated: God said, “Let’s have some light!” and bingo – light appeared.” – More Aussie Bible

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