The Miraculous Tapestry

Little Doggy Soundman

“WE EACH HAVE different ways of understanding and viewing the world around us. Some people see in images; some hear words; some speak with silence; and some long to move their bodies to the unseen rhythms of the Holy Spirit. These differences are to be celebrated, as together they give us a full and glorious picture of the miraculous tapestry that is the mind and body of Christ. Because of these differences, God has gifted us with a variety of prayer practices, each allowing us to speak with the one God, albeit through diverse aspects of our being.”

– Daniel Wolpert
Creating a Life with God

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

The problem crops up when we insist on one way to see the world. We may think we have found a better way, even the best way … but in no way can or should we squash the way others see the world. It’s hard work though trying to see in ways unfamiliar to us. We have our preferences, and we don’t have to give that up. It’s just that we need to allow for others to have the same space to. Surrendering to the One who is outside both of our limited view points is most liberating. It’s the one step to solving problems together. 🙂

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