Random Thoughts while the fan is blowing


Early in the morning, the whole rhythm of school starts again. It’s still a major adjustment in terms of energy.

Some sad moments surfaced last week … they come without invitation and then we’re called to pay attention to them again. The challenge is how one doesn’t get paralyzed by them and yet find growth.

So often, one wishes we could have done this or done that, or why another development didn’t occur. There are always some regrets in our most vulnerable valleys of solitude.

One thing for sure, there are times when we are more able to work through mentally and emotionally, the hard questions before us. Other times, we are simply drained energy wise. Those are not good times to be conclusive. That is when we need a little space in our heads and hearts to say …. I’ll park it here for a while until a better time.

The capacity to handle more may grow as we age, or we may also land up with less patience 😛 It’s so unpredictable.

It’s good to see how what I’ve struggled to articulate — being articulated so well by trusted guides. This little dance I’ve been alluding too … orthodoxy, orthopathy and orthopraxis does make loads of sense to me. And it’s great to have extra vocabulary to deal with it.

There are times I wish others could see how it’s possible to access many gifts, and guides along our journey. I’m always puzzled when one may feel stuck or unable to find a better way out. I don’t wish to downplay their struggle and even suffering. But deep down, I know and I pray they see that we are indeed not alone and are not left with nothing to press on. What’s left for us … is the openness to receive those gifts and the humility to give some advice a try.

The weather is still hot and drives me crazy.

Nice to see another happy couple getting ready for the wedding and a life time together 🙂

So sadness and gladness … interwoven in the fabric of our human existence.

The school of life goes on … and never stops …

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