Random Links 238

The art of the teleprompter

Never tried using this device and technique before.  But then again, I tend to be in more informal settings … or come across a little more informal even in formal ones 🙂

Dick Cavett on improving your speeches

I’ve only been to one "ceramah" during the last Malaysian election campaign period .. and noticed more than a few interesting glitches. The one’s I watched online were better. But this is one link our new MPs and ADUNs need to read (veterans might find helpful too).

How to Be an Expert (and Find One if You’re Not)

Maybe we can at least master one area in our lives and work, but knowing who to ask and then listening for gems is itself an acquired skill which needs to come with the right attitude.

Presentation Masterclass – Part 1: Introduction

You would never imagine the word "respect" to be part of the equation right? It’s so human .. but then aren’t we all?

Waiting until the last minute

Ok .. I’m guilty … I repent!

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