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Jesus is Brilliant

John Frye puts it so smartly 🙂

"Jesus was kind; he was sacrificial; he was good. Jesus was also very, very smart."

Is Conversion a Four-Letter Word? Series

The fact is we are always in the process of "converting" or "being converted" – at the most human level.  The religious sensitivity card lurks its head when manipulative proselyzation takes place, or when the whole exercise of sharing our faith is reduced to either sheer numbers game or transferring of information (or ignorance).  I’ll be checking out this series later in the week.

Evolution As Cosmic Warfare

Wow! this is new …

"As my title suggests, the rather controversial thesis I will defend in my essay is that, given what the Bible has to say about Satan and other fallen angels, Christian theists have no reason to assume that the carnage and waste that characterizes the evolutionary process and nature today is all the result of how God designed nature. Indeed, I suggest we view evolution as a sort of epoch-long warfare between the life-affirming creativity of an all-good God, on the one hand, and the on-going corrupting influence of malevolent cosmic forces, on the other. The fact that God is nevertheless able to achieve his creational objectives (for example, the creation of humans in his image) through this corrupted process reflects God’s sovereign wisdom in bringing good out of evil and overcoming evil with good."

Copies of my three most recent books free to download.

Thanks Dion for sharing these gifts for book hungry people like me.  BTW, Dion is one scholar from South Africa we need to hang out with more!

Stuck in procrastination mode? 5 tips to get you ‘unstuck’

Another one from Dion … he’s no Armchair theologian … he’s a Mac Theologian! 🙂 I have not upgraded to that level yet.

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