… a full life, not a half life …


Thanks to Maggi Dawn for this repost from this Sojourners Interview with Philip Yancey (whose many books has blessed me and stirred me!)


“When I started writing [Rumors] I would have said that the three things that brought me back to God were not religious things. They were not Billy Graham rallies or gospel tracts. They were the beauty of nature, classical music, and romantic love. When I encountered those three things, suddenly I had this “ding! ding! ding!” experience.

I discovered that the world is actually a smiling place, not a scowling place; that God wants me to have a full life, not a half life, not a two-thirds life…”


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2 Responses to … a full life, not a half life …

  1. Ben says:

    Yeah, I can identify with classical music (which I’m listening to right now!) and the beauty of nature (which I’m looking at right now!)… though romantic love will have to wait 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    Just visited your blog for first time and enjoyed reading posts. Great photos too! I’m a big fan of Yancey esp. ‘Soul Survivor’ and ‘Reaching out for the invisible God’. He writes with such honesty yet a real deep faith. He sees the beauty of God in the small things as well the big things of life.

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